Who should go for teeth whitening services?

The reason behind discolouration is vast, some due to your habits and some are because of involuntary factors. The discolouration due to external factors like chewing tobacco or consuming medications, using harsh-chemical mouthwash or toothpaste, can be treated using teeth whitening procedures. However, factors like genetics, and age cause irreversible discolouration, no amount of bleaching can help whiten your teeth. A teeth whitening treatment can help you get back the natural beauty of your smile, so let us read who can go for a Greenwich teeth whitening treatment:

If you have a discolored tooth 

People who have a discolored tooth and want to improve the appearance of their smile can go for a teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening will help them get rid of the yellowish tint that developed on the enamel due to improper oral care.

Extrinsic stains 

Cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, or cola, can give permanent stains inside your teeth that will not be removed using a toothbrush or a mouthwash. In such scenarios, you can visit a dentist and get a tooth whitening treatment for removing the stains and reviving the original color of your teeth.

If you do not have a dental implant

Remember that teeth whitening treatment has no impact on dental implants. Their color will remain unaffected but their strength can be impacted. Thus, if you do not have any dental implants like fillings, crowns, or restoration, you are eligible to get a teeth whitening treatment.

If you are above 16 years of age

Children are not preferred for teeth whitening treatment. If you are above the age of 16, then you can consult your dentist to check for the probability of teeth whitening treatment. The reason behind this is the high amounts of hydrogen peroxide used for teeth whitening procedures, which may damage the enamel deeply.

Now, if you fall under the above-mentioned category, feel free to book your dentist appointment, but be cautious. Pregnant or lactating women should completely restrict themselves from such treatments as they may have a severe impact on their baby’s health. Besides, if you cannot go for a teeth whitening treatment, taking personal care is always an option. If you maintain your dental hygiene, the requirement to get a teeth whitening procedure automatically vanishes. 

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