Plant containers in simple terms are used in a garden for growing plants including those that are edible instead of growing them directly in the soil in the ground. A plant container is usually known to be small in size, they also vary in size, depending on the size of the plant to be grown in it. Also, a plant container can be in form of a pot, tub, basket, tub, tires, barrel, or basket.

  1. New Guinea impatiens (impatiens hybrids), it simply does not get any easier and better than the New Guinea impatiens, all you need to do is just to plant them in any of the plant containers suitable for it, water them adequately, and enjoy watching them grow blossomy, they really do well when they are well hydrated but get easily withered in the absence of water.
  2. Coleus (Plectranthus hybrids), Coleus is also a plant that is known to be suitable for planting in plant containers, this class of plants is so versatile, it is said to be one of the easiest plants to grow and propagate its beautiful leaves make it interesting enough to grow as a single specimen. This type of plant has a fast-growing ability, which means you can start with small plants.
  3. Starflower (Pentas lanceolata), this flower as well can suitably be planted in a plant container, Sunflower is also a member of the primrose family, and it is a perennial herb that grows from slender, creeping rhizomes. It is recommended in case you want to attract butterflies to your garden for the purpose of pollination, as soon as they sight a starflower they troop into the garden as much as you want.
  4. Angelonia (Angeloni angustifolia), an angelonia in a small plant container could be a focal point of the upright spikes of summer blooming angelonia, while it is also a good supporting player in a larger combo of plant containers, this means it can serve as a good supporting player in the company of other variety of flowers.
  5. Geranium (Pelargonium hybrids), suitable for plant containers as they love the heat, and do not mind having it dry sometimes, which positioned them as a great plant containers flower. You also need to know that this type of flower comes in a different range of colors, and can appear so beautiful to behold in plant containers.

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