What’s Annealing? What Are Reason behind Annealing Control of Stainless Tubes?

Annealing heat treatment solutions really are a heat treatment where the metal work surface is heated having a certain temperature then cooled in the appropriate speed. The mechanical characteristics of annealed stainless tube materials might be tested on tensile test or hardness test. Many steels are provided in annealed condition. Report of stainless pipes may be measured by Rockwell hardness tester. HRB hardness may be measured by Rockwell hardness tester. For skinny steel plates, strips and thin-walled steel pipes, surface Rockwell hardness tester allows you to identify HRT hardness.

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What are reason behind annealing?

  1. The annealing control of stainless pipe improves or eliminates various structural defects and residual stresses introduced on by casting, forging, moving and welding of stainless pipe and prevents the annealing deformation and cracking of stainless pipe.

2.Softening stainless tube for cutting.

  1. Intermediate frequency annealing furnace refine grain and improve microstructure to improve mechanical characteristics of metal work surface.
  1. Annealing control of stainless tube may be the preparation for final heat treatment (quenching and tempering).

Let us check out how’s the stainless pipe annealing furnace.

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Using the dimension of stainless pipe along with the thickness of pipe wall, different furnace structure is developed and designed, that’s appropriate for choosing various pipes.

The stainless tube annealing treatment specifications are complete, the model is easy to disassemble and assemble. For several size pipes, the induction heat treatment furnace will instantly adjust the relevent parameters including power, current, frequency to attain heat treatment or sizes.

Primary components quality is essential for the entire system stability and reliability. Forever induction heating equipment machine is employing Germany Siemens PLC control system and touchscreen the indicator lights and buttons adopts Schneider brand the wate pipe adopts Korea stylish fashion. The business of components may also be hired according to user’s need.

The induction heating furnace is outfitted with a few other driving modes, for example electric, mechanical and so forth. Her characteristics of high-speed, low energy consumption, easy disassembly and installation, simple maintenance and so forth. The annealing control of stainless tube is broadly present in petrochemical industry, pipeline engineering, steel structure engineering, aerospace along with other fields.

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