Can the GRE Be Taken at Home? 

Wondering if you can take the GRE from the comfort of your home? Well, here’s some good news; you certainly can. Due to the pandemic, ETS now offers at-home testing to all those who desire to take the test from their home without having to travel to a centre and avoid the risk of getting infected.

Read this article to learn more about the at-home testing service offered by ETS and what are procedures to follow and rules to abide by. 

GRE: Testing at Home

Taking the GRE test at the convenience of your home is a lot easier than you think. Although all aspects of the GRE question paper remain the same, the method by which the GRE test will be administered by ETS varies. When it comes to GRE home testing, ETS has introduced a new software called ProctorU, which allows human proctoring online. While you’re given the feasibility to take the test at your residence, you will, however, have to follow a few protocols to ensure that you comply with the test regulations set by ETS. 

When taking the test at home the rules you need to follow and technical requirements you need to make arrangements for are as follows:

  • Technical requirements

When taking the GRE at home, you have to ensure that you have either a PC or Mac operated computer system. You will not be allowed to use multiple screens, tablets or mobile devices. Furthermore, you are required to use either a Google Chrome or Firefox browser to access the test page. Once you have your computer system fully ready, you will have to run a ProctorU check to see if you pass or fail the equipment check. Should you fail the equipment check, you will have to rectify the issue.

  • Registering for a home test

When registering for the GRE general test, you will have an option called find a test centre and date. On the find test centres and dates page, select the option “test at home” to take a GRE general test at your home. Furthermore, you will have to select the time you want to take your test and the GRE dates 2022 to schedule your exam. Once you have completed the time, date and at home option selection, you will have to complete the remaining aspects of the registration process and pay the GRE registration fee.

Essential rules you will have to comply with during the test are as follows:

  1. You will have to take the test at your home and not in any public space.
  2. You should clear your desk and it should be free of any objects, books or study material.
  3. You should have your passport/ID proof with you.
  4. You should also take a mirror with you to show the human proctor a reflection of your screen.
  5. Your camera should be on throughout the test duration.
  6. You will have to give a 360° view of your room before starting the test.
  7. You will not be allowed to look away from the screen during the test and should avoid any suspicious activity like talking loudly to yourself or looking away from the screen.
  8. You may take notes using a wide board or on a transparent sheet with paper inside it.

If you follow all these rules, you’re all set to take the GRE test from the convenience of your home.

Now that we have explained to you all about the GRE general home testing option, you’re better aware of this new facility that ETS offers. However, you can decide which option — at home or test centre — best suits your needs. 


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