How to Get the Best Deal from Competitive Car Shipping Quotes?

If you are a military member or their family you must be familiar with PCS (Permanent Change of Station). Along with this comes, moving your belongings and vehicles within a limited time. You have to take a quick decision after comparing the services and costs online. The first thing that you should get is a preliminary estimate of your shipping cost with details of your vehicle type, pickup and delivery location, and shipping date.

What Do You Understand by A Shipping Quote?

Whenever you visit a website of an auto transport company, you can get a rough estimate of the shipping cost of a particular vehicle. You just need to fill up a form with basic details. Although it is mostly inclusive of all the basic costs, it is not the actual cost you pay for the shipping. You may have to pay a bit more due to additional charges and unforeseen complications. You compare the quote for the same services from different providers.

You can rely on Ship a Car, Inc. for shipping a car for military members. They provide excellent shipping services with no up-front payment until you select a carrier. For military members, they have discount offers as they ship all types of vehicles including special military vehicles across the United States. You can also request a free service quote from them.

Way to Find Out the Quote Online

Nowadays, most auto transport brokers have an online shipping-cost calculator. Don’t expect that you would get instant quotes. The professional would make an assessment and then present you with a quote as fast as possible. Remember that this estimate is bound to change due to factors like the availability of space in the carrier and fluctuation in demand. In exceptional cases, you might get a chance to lock in your price and don’t have to pay anything more than the initial quote.

How Would You Consider for Estimating the Average Shipping Cost?

The shipping cost depends on these variables –

  • Season – It may cost you more during peak season.
  • Pickup and delivery location – It is easy to commute within cities rather than rural areas. Therefore, the cost would go up if the destination is a remote area.
  • Distance – It would cost you more to ship a car to long distances.
  • Open or enclosed carrier – An open carrier is less costly but is not secured as an enclosed carrier.
  • Delivery mode – There are options to drop off and pick up your vehicle from a designated terminal. It costs much less than door-to-door service.
  • Weight of the vehicle – The more the weight of the car, the more you pay.

How Can You Ship Your Car at Minimum Cost?

You should always prepare your vehicle before shipping, including removing all the belongings and removable items from the vehicle. It would not increase the weight of the shipment. You can try early booking to get more options. You can also opt for a less expensive shipping method. Moreover, when you have no restrictions on shipping and delivery dates, you will get more offers. In this way, you can reduce some costs with careful consideration.

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