Most common problems with fire door schedules and how door manufacturing software can help

When it comes to ensuring the safety of everyone inside the building, you should put fire door schedule at the top of that list. It can help prevent the spread of fire, but it is also manufactured to have the right specifications for fire resistance levels.

Do note that certain problems may arise with your fire door schedule. Here are some of the common issues to look out for.

Incorrectly fitted hinges

Every fire door should have at least 3 hinges. You must ensure that all of these hinges should have the correct fitting screws.

How ​​a door manufacturing software can help: This can help prevent any inaccurate specifications that could compromise the strength of your door, especially under the intensity of the fire.

Missing fire or smoke seals

There are several aspects that you may think are unimportant at first but it’s actually critical to ensuring the safety of everyone. Some examples of this are missing fire or smoke seals. Internal fire doors should have intumescent seals. These expand when subjected to heat. When this expands, it can prevent the spread of fire into neighbouring rooms.

How ​​a door manufacturing software can help: With the help of door designers, architects, and manufacturers, you can rest assured that your internal fire doors will have the correct intumescent fire and smoke seals.

Unclear and confusing signage

Clear signage is crucial so that people would know which doors are fire doors. Without these, people may open doors that could further endanger others.

How ​​a door manufacturing software can help: With the help of this software, you can rest assured that your door will pass several fire-resistance tests. Aside from the correct signage, your door should also include a permanent label showing the door manufacturer, temperature rise rating, time the door can resist fire, and any related hardware the door is equipped with.

Excessive gaps

Fire doors should be fitted correctly during the installation process. Any excessive gaps should be addressed immediately.

How ​​a door manufacturing software can help: It can help by ensuring that the door is not erroneous and is able to fulfill its purpose without a shadow of a doubt. In addition, it also turns a very time-consuming process into something very easy, fast, and error-free.

Issues with door leaves

Your internal fire doors must be in perfect condition. The difference in having damaged versus undamaged door leaves may be people’s lives. This is why you should have your fire doors inspected regularly.

How ​​a door manufacturing software can help: A door manufacturing software will ensure that the manufacturing of your internal fire door passes by all required stages. As a result, there are no damaged door leaves, and it will provide top-notch protection in the case of fire.

Make sure to do proper research on the manufacturer of your internal fire doors. How were they created? Did they use a manufacturing software to ensure the quality of the door? These are the questions to ask. It’s important to remember that the right door manufacturing software can help save lives.

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