Now BBAs 2u Will Represent All Kamado Joe Ovens in the UK

BBQs 2u is a well-known family business company in the UK and has been entertaining people of UK by serving various barbeque and grill foods and have won the heart of the people.

BBQs 2u has become a household name in all homes of the UK. To exploit this popularity, now BBQs 2u has decided to represent the famous brand called Kamado Joe in the UK.

All Kamado Joe ovens and Kamado Joe Table will be available from both online and offline shops of BBQs 2u. BBQs 2u will also provide all the after-sales service and spare supports for the UK residents.

Kamado Joe Classic Table is the new version of the old classic models of Kamado Joe with a new hinge.  This new model will be much bigger as compared to the table that was available on the older style models of Classic Joe. This has been done for accommodating the new style of hinge.

This new version will also offer a much more amount of counter space because this version will be 32″ deep, whereas its earlier version was only 25″ deep.

For preventing any damage to the table or fire, all tables have got a Universal Table Nest that is placed under the grill. This can easily extend its life and the table will remain protected against heat that can radiate from its bottom while the grill will be in use.

Extra info about BBQ islands of Kamado space

The worktop has been made by using carefully polished stainless steel which is a completely acid-proof material that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

The metal shelf on which the Kamado sits can be raised or lowered in 30-millimeter increments. The table includes four compartments for large accessories such as:

  • Cast iron grate
  • Deflector
  • Pizza stone
  • Baking tray.

Three appealing 68-liter volumes of drawers for utensils and pots, as well as one robust 179-liter volume drawer, meant for charcoal, all with hidden complete extension runner systems, are included.

The low-friction nylon rollers on the roller carriage, the synchronisation of roller carriage, drawer profile, allow for a synchronised, smooth operating action with excellent sag value.

There is a built-in, switchable technology to get silent and smooth closure across the whole cooking island, resulting in a very light glide and greater user convenience.

The addition of a lid to a stainless-steel ashtray is one feature that all users may appreciate. It is designed for keeping the grill and its environs as much clean as possible.

Also, the table will have the following:

  • Wivel casters that have stop-fix brakes
  • Herb pot shelf
  • Kitchen towel holder
  • Holder with ten hooks for hanging different accessories.

Also, one can buy a removable type of maple cutting board as an additional accessory.

These days one can find plenty of posts about Kamado Joe products on various social media websites including Instagram. To get the latest updates and information about various new models of Kamado Joe ovens and grills one must spend some time on these sites.

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