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Once someone establishes a business, a crucial step that follows it is to promote it, to make maximum possible conversions as you can. For that purpose, you take the help of ads. But these ads can only generate revenue when they reach the right kind of audience. Many a time, your ads reach unwanted bots and competitors. This does not waste the hefty amount you are spending on these ads and leaves a scar on your reputation. So, what should one do in such a position? Lucky for you, Nobotclick has come to your rescue. It is a google ad protection app that will make sure that once you start using it, no portion of your money will be wasted and will save your reputation the best. It works 24/7, protecting you from frauds of both automatic and click type. You just have to install it and login into their website to use their website.

The Internet is not that friendly for your money

  • Bots- The Internet is filled with unwanted bots. Half of the traffic that you find on a search engine is automated. Do you know that 30% of all PPC clicks actually originate from organized criminal botnets and bots?
  • Smart bots- Bots are in simple languages automated scripts programmed to run specific automated tasks. These tasks are usually simple. They perform these tasks on the Internet with minimum human intervention or supervision.
  • Hated brands- Whenever an individual becomes successful, their enemies start to increase. And many such haters steal money from you by simply clicking on your ads. It is the easiest thing that they do to cause you severe losses.
  • Evil competitors- Once one becomes successful, their competition rises. These competitors can drain your monetary expenses by simply wasting the money you spent on marketing by clicking on pay-per-click ads and causing a loss of potential valuable customers.

No Bot Click provides you with google ad protection and can help you in more than one way.

Why should you try them?

Nobotclick is a program designed to detect ad and click fraud and protect you against it. They use industry-leading algorithms to automatically block fraud IP addresses to protect your Google or Bing ads. They will protect you from fraud on your custom site and any platform you use. It is reliable and convenient, backed up and trusted by many of their faithful customers whom they have generated within a small span of their establishment.

In today’s world, where everything is pricey, saving money while expanding your business and generating more conversions and revenue has become difficult. That’s why it is a must that you switch to a google app protection app. And that’s why you definitely should engage yourself with Nobotclick. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your business and expenses. It has successfully generated more than 2000 faithful customers during such a short run. So, hurry up and avail yourself of their exceptional services now without delaying any more minutes.

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