These 7 Southern Cities Have the Best Food

The south is famous for its ability to comfort you upon aerial and fill you up with the best food you’ll ever taste. Not all southern states have the same level of control over flavor and ingredients, but many are able to bring chefs from around the world to their knees.

These seven southern cities know how to bring the heat and serve it up, so consider stopping at any of them if you love good food!  

Nashville, Tennessee

The only thing better than the prices of Nashville houses for sale is the flavor of the food! Most recently, Nashville is recognized for its spicy chicken, using chili oil on already fried and seasoned chicken to kick it up a notch and leave you salivating for more. This city understands the importance of flavor and brings it to every dish.  

New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s no secret that New Orleans has a flavor unlike anywhere else on Earth. From gumbo and jambalaya to hushpuppies and sweet beignets, you’ll fall in love with every single bite you can get. 

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is another fantastic artsy town that brings a lot of flavor to the table. Best known for its chef-driven restaurants with incredible high-class food, you can also find southern favorites like awesome North Carolina barbecue. This type of barbecue is most easily recognized by the use of tangy vinegar in the sauce, making it a fun mix of fat, acid meat, and heat that will have you craving more.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is its own city in a sea of peach cobbler and fried chicken. This foodie town still offers all of the southern favorites, but it’s best known for being the birthplace of the Girl Scouts’ founder! Here you’ll find more experimental dishes, fun sweets, and Lowcountry fare all married together. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the heart of southern cooking. This is the city to go to if you’re not sure what sets southern food apart and you need a complete reset. Not only does Atlanta offer all of the best southern favorites, from shrimp and grits to barbecue and incredible fried chicken, but it also brings international flavors into the mix and keeps you on your toes. This city knows that soul food, and comfort food can mean 

Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina’s barbecue brings something to the table that no other state does: mustard and honey. This combination creates a sticky sweet, tangy mess every time you eat it, and it’s hard to avoid because it’s just that delicious. 

Austin, Texas

Although Austin prides itself on keeping weird and straying from the norm, it’s one of the best examples of delicious Texas food. From the juicy smoked barbecue it offers to the fantastic Tex-Mex that it’s famous for, this city has a little bit of everything to keep people interested.

There’s No Food Like Southern Food!

Southern cooking is some of the best food you’ll ever try, and every southern city brings its own flavors to the table. If you’re considering a foodie road trip, it might be time to stop in and visit some of the culinary heavens! 

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